Why should I consider Solar powered lights?

Solar powered lights can be installed without the expense and headaches of digging trenches to connect wiring to the electric utility. In many cases this allows for a much quicker project with savings over the life of the lights.

Why purchase the Sunna Design lights when there are very inexpensive options all over the Internet? 

The quick answer is “You get what you pay for”.

The long answer goes:

Batteries are not all equal. Many of the batteries used in the bargain lights are lead acid based. These batteries require maintenance and constant replacements to keep the light functioning. Other lights use lithium based batteries that are prone to overheating and potential fires. Sunna Design uses nickel based batteries that can handle temps from -40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Many of the lights on the market today charge the battery during the day and the light is on as long as that battery still has a charge. In many cases this means the light is on at 9 pm but not at 4 am. 

The intelligence built into every Sunna Design light allows it to anticipate the battery running out of energy and makes the necessary adjustments to avoid a black out condition.

What maintenance is required for Sunna Design lights?

Sunna Design lights use the latest LED lighting technology, so there are no bulbs to change. It is recommended to check the solar panels and clean them as required. 

What is the warranty on Sunna Design lights?

Sunna Design provides a 6 year warranty on its lights. Warranty on battery is prorated.